The Overseas Chinese Instrumentalists' Orchestra

The New York Overseas Chinese Instrumentalists' Orchestra is a New York State certified nonprofit organization. It is committed to promoting Chinese arts, advancing cultural exchange between China and the United States, providing American and Chinese audiences the finest professional quality Chinese music and performing arts, and advancing Chinese music education and appreciation in communities by producing and sponsoring Chinese music and instrumental performances in New York and beyond.

Master Wang Changyuan

Wang Changyuan is recognized throughout the world as China's greatest living Zheng artist. Ms. Wang began playing the Zheng at age nine under the tutelage of her father, the late Xun-Zhi Wang. She was the youngest Chinese female to conduct a soloist performance at the age of twelve, which took place before an audience comprised of China's top leaders as well as influential members of Chinese society. Since then, given her remarkable skill and stellar artistry as a Zheng player, she has played to audiences throughout the world.

Ms. Wang is a highly accomplished musician with CD recordings to her credit. She has performed with such distinguished groups as the Performing Arts Troupe of China, the Shanghai Opera House Orchestra, the Ballet Theater Orchestra, and the Shanghai Traditional Music Ensemble. As a Zheng soloist, she has also performed with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra to rousing audiences in Vancouver, Montreal, Taiwan, Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo, and North Korea. In addition, Ms. Wang has performed at Carnegie Hall, Israel, France, in Africa, and in Latin America.

During the 1997 transition of Hong Kong to China, she was the only soloist invited by the People's Republic of China to make a special performance at The Great Hall of the People before many dignitaries and officials, including U.S. Congressional representatives, as well as world political and economic leaders. Ms. Wang has performed for many foreign dignitaries and heads state in Beijing's Great Hall of People in China, including former U.S. Presidents Richard Nixon and George Bush, and former Cabinet Members Henry Kissinger and Alexander Haig, among others. She was the first Chinese woman to perform at the United Nations on behalf of the People's Republic of China. She has since performed at the UN at numerous events, many of which are often attended by the political elite. She is widely recognized and appreciated by classical music lovers throughout the world.

Over the years, Ms Wang has cultivated a new generation of students. They often go on to enjoy wonderful musical careers On and Off-Broadway, and throughout the world. Her music, rooted in Chinese classical tradition, is appreciated and attractive to a wide cross-section of individuals who relish Chinese classical music.